Advantages Of Digital Publishing in 2022

  Advantages Of Digital Publishing in 2022 What Is Digital Publishing Digital publishing  simply means publishing anything by the help of digital means, through internet and electronic devices.  Long gone are the days when aspiring authors used to send their manuscripts to the  traditional publishing houses  and would wait for weeks to get an answer, often a rejection to publish. Now thanks to  online publishing,  and even  self-online publishing , writers can get their works  published online,  that too for free on several platforms. Why Go Online?  We ask, why not? With  online digital book publishing ,  and  digital publishing technologies,   going online for free  has now become a cakewalk. All you need is to find a suitable o nline publishing platform  and of course, a work you can publish.  Advantages/Benefits Of Online/ Digital Publishing There are so many a dvantages of digital book publishing , first one being saving a lot of time, costs and hassles. With  digital self publish

5 Reasons Why You Should Write

   5 Reasons Why You Should Write Writing is a therapy, just like any other art form. Be it any form of writing-  story writing, article writing, email-writing, letter writing, creative writing, content writing, article writing,  or even just scribbling across the last page of your school notebook.  Writing mean words , and words mean a form of expressing yourself. Writing what you're feeling is a medicine in itself. Many people around us carry so many  stories  within them,  tales  that bother them, haunt them, day in and day out, but they don't express them out, which often leads them into mental illness like  anxiety or depression . Writing also means leaving something behind that'll always stay in the world, even when you don't.  Here are the 5 reasons why I think that you should write: 1.  To Express Yourself-  Every person get hundreds of thoughts in a day. Good, bad, dangerous, painful, and these thoughts are unique to that person. People also have a tendency, an

How do I man up in a relationship?

  It depends upon the idea of “man" you've in your mind. If according to you a “man" in the relationship is someone who's superior, dominant to the position of becoming a master to the girlfriend/wife, I suggest you first change the definition. If according to an Indian woman, you want to “man" up in a relationship, these are some things that you should rather be doing. Spend time with her. Talk to her. Communicate with her. Tell her about how your day was. Tell her about your fears and tensions. Tell her your secrets and tell her what's keeping you up at night. Gossip about your friends, family, and work with her. And do hear her out when she does the same. Remember little things about her. How she takes her tea. How she feels cold in the month of December. How she always forgets her medicines. Tell her you love her, and how lucky you're to have her, try it as often as you could. Do you want to bring out the best woman in her? Tell her these things as mu

What are the benefits of getting married later in life?

  I'm getting married at the age of 28, with my long-term guy after spending almost 7–8 years with him, when he's 29 himself. According to the Indian scenario, we both would be considered late for marriage but we're okay and happy about it. Why? You ask. We have spent 7–8 years with each other. Basically, we have grown with each other and seen almost every side of each other. We're much more mature at this age, yet we're still young to mold, change and adjust to the new life. We're no longer in the young twenties where we see life in a fun way but we're still not too old to become totally boring. After so many years we're both more ready for marriage. Maintaining a relationship for so long has made us more intelligent in what goes into maintaining such a beautiful bond. Adjustments, compromises, sacrifices, changes, having each other's back, mistakes, forgiveness, restarting it again, motivating each other, we've been through it all. We see marri

Should your partner be considered more important than your family?

  First 25 years— Your family is more important than everyone. Your life revolves around your birth family, parents, siblings, cousins, etc. Friends, boyfriend/girlfriend does exist but doesn't matter much like family does because real and active life lies with the family. All your needs and demands are met by the family. All in all your parents/siblings > the world. After 25 years- You either get married by this age or most probably you get into a serious relationship. You start spending and sharing less time with your parents and family and more with your partner. Your siblings too start getting married or moving away. Even you move away in most cases. Your needs become dependent on your partner more than your family. If you're married you begin a new family with your spouse. After marriage,l everyone takes their spouse (and kids if they exist) with themselves leaving their birth family behind if they settle somewhere else. If you're married you yourself feel one with

What Is Social Media Detox And How To Implement It

What Is Social Media Detox And How To Implement It? Social Media is a magical place, and believe me, I really mean it, and if you're anything like me, I am sure you'll agree. Social Media is like the whole world packed in a six-inch screen. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Quora, WhatsApp, YouTube, Blogs, and so many more applications that keep us connected. You and I are also connecting through a social platform. Social media has lessened global boundaries and has opened up a world full of possibilities. I write a blog in an Indian city, and it gets read in America and Europe and Russia. My readers are scattered everywhere across the world and it takes me and them just a few seconds to get connected.  Not just professional life, social media has changed the dynamics of personal relationships too. Now one doesn't need to wait for days to send or get a letter from their loved ones, thanks to instant texting. Missing someone special? Say hello to the video calling ap

Five Ways To Become A Better Writer

Five Ways To Become A Better Writer Hello Writers. Writing is just like love. Its complex, it's beautiful, it's liberating, and it makes you feel relaxed. All in all, writing is an artistic version of love. It is something that can make you travel in parallel beautiful worlds. However, again, just like love, writing needs polishing too. A writer might have been born with the talent of writin g , but the skills in writing should be updated and bettered constantly. I hope this article will give you some insights into how to be a better writer so that you can have a  blissful writing experience.    1. Read, Read, Read "Readers make better writers." And no, I am not saying that; it is an advice that has been passed on between writers for centuries. Reading a lot of books gives you great imagination and creativity, teaches you new words, gives you an insight about sentence formation, character development, and many other things. In short, reading does en